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The blessings of Boko Haram

Jesus says we can identify his disciples by their fruits. (Matthew 7:20). He then says the fruits of a man are his words. (Luke 6:43-45). So here is a sure-fire way of determining the true disciple. Step on his toes and see what he has to say. Give him a slap and listen to what comes out of his mouth. That is the value of Boko Haram attacks for Nigerian Christians.

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God does not know everything

IT is generally assumed by Christians that God is all-knowing. We say insistently God is omniscient. Peter said to Jesus: “We understand that you know everything.” (Jn 16:30). However, there are things Jesus did not know. He did not know a fig-tree did not have figs. (Mk 11:13). He did not know the time of his return. (Mk 13:32).

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There is no salvation by predestination

I find it astonishing that anyone who knows God would subscribe to a doctrine of predestination. But this is precisely what Paul does in his ep-istles. He maintains God predestines some people to salvation and others to condemnation: “God has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and he hardens whom he wants to harden.” (Rom. 9:18). I beg, most sincerely, to disagree.

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Celebrating Pastormas

Bishop Lanre Obembe, Senior Pastor, El Shaddai Church, Lagos was the chairman, Lagos State branch of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria. Presiding over a meeting of pastors drawn from all over the state in preparation for the visit by Pastor Benny Hinn to Nigeria in 2005, Bishop Lanre looked out of one of the windows of his church and pointed to the array of Jeeps and posh cars parked outside. “We pastors are doing well,” he declared, to the approval of all.

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The makings of a false prophet

It is silly season again in Nigeria when make-believe prophets put on their most expensive sheep’s clothing to make state-of-the-nation proclamations. Every January, cacophonies of timber-and-calibre pastors broadcast their prophecies for the coming year. We look into our cry-stal balls and declare to lesser mere mortals God’s mind.

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