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Top 10 performing stocks

Union Dicon Salt Plc, International Breweries Plc, Lafarge WAPCO Plc, University Press Plc, Cadbury Nig. Plc and N.E.M Insurance Co. (Nig.) Plc were among the stocks that garnered enough investors’ patronage last week to emerge on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE’s top gainers. The rest were Associated Bus Company Plc, ABC, Custodian and Allied Insurance Plc, Airline Services & Logistics Plc, ASL, and Mansard Insurance Plc.

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Accessing the shares of late relatives

A lot of shareholders passed away without adequately handing over their investment portfolios to any relative. In fact in many instances, relatives of the shareholder may not even be aware of such investment. The worst case is when the late shareholder did not keep records of such investment and the relative only know when they began to receive dividend warrants posted to that late shareholder.

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The place of minority investors in capital market operation

As regards the formation of shareholders’ associations, there are defined requirements by the regulator that guide the process. But today what we see is a different thing entirely; because today you now see many so- called shareholders’ associations that are there in the market working as if they are recognized by the Act that set up such associations.

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Investors list benefits of engaging the services of Fund Managers

Though the most popular form of investment in the capital market is share, there are other forms which includes, mutual funds and Treasury bill, T-bill, among others. Now talking about fund managers, there are many of them in the country though they are not very popular among investors and some don’t have interest in investing or keeping their money with a fund manager, but this does not negate the benefit of investing through them.

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Why you can’t sell those shares NOW!

The above is typical of a lot of retail investors. They have urgent need for money, and in the absence of any immediate source of cash, they decide to sell their shares. Their expectation, based on lack of understanding, is that they can go to the stock market hand over the shares to a broker, who will immediately give cash in return. For some, they don’t even have any clue about how to sell their shares. They never bother, until there is urgent need for money.

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EFCC’s presence in stock exchange not guarantee of fraud-free market

Except we want to keep deceiving ourselves that is when we will say there is no fraud going on in the market, but whether we have the capacity to fight it is a question I may not be able to answer now. Not even with the presence of EFCC in the market can one be too sure that a new dawn has come to the market. Come to think of this, has EFCC been able to successfully combat corruption in other sectors of the economy where it has presence?

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