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Are shareholders’ associations losing focus?

One of the reasons that justifies establishment of shareholders’ associations is their ability to educate members and protect their right and interests by making sure that those placed in charge of companies are held accountable. But considering current rapport between shareholders’ groups and companies, one may ask if the associations are performing their responsibilities d as expected. Some of the shareholders who spoke to INVESTOR FORUM rexpressed divergent views.

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Investors’ take on market’s ability to support infrastructure

Who said the capital market cannot be used to generate funds that will help in building infrastructures in all the other sectors of the Nigerian economy? If the operations in the market are properly monitored and the brokers live beyond their fraudulent acts that have sent many shareholders to their early graves, the market can take its rightful position in the economy.

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SEC warns investors against patronizing illegal operators

The Securities and Exchange Commission has warned members the public against patronizing illegal capital market operators. The Commissioned averred that investors should always consult the list of registered capital market operators on its website to ascertain their authenticity of any operators before entrusting their hard – earned money to such operator for management.

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