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Goldlink Insurance partners G31000 for first training in Nigeria

Goldlink Insurance Plc has sponsored the Certification Training and Examination in ISO 31000 Risk Management by the Global Institute of Risk Management Standard (G31000). President of Global Institute of Risk Management Standard headquartered in France, which is the global platform for ISO 31000, Alex Dali, was at the event to oversee the 3-day master class that had participants from Goldlink Insurance, Leadway Assurance, Renaissance Capital, First Bank of Nigeria, Sovereign Trust Insurance, International Energy Insurance and Calabar Microfinance Bank Limited in attendance.

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How insurance is taking over the communal way of living

Nigerians are communal people by nature. In the past, people of the same community do things in common to the extent that when a bread winner of a family dies, members of his community come together to bring up his children. Unfortunately, that kind of communal living is fast fading out. The world is changing fast and Nigeria is not left behind. As the world becomes a global village, the community living is disappearing and everyone is concerned about his immediate family and welfare.

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