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NFF moves to tackle indiscipline in Eagles

We are trying to build a culture of sustainable football and I believe we are right on course. Before we even got elected, we had studied and knew a lot of factors that will enable us achieve our goal. I’m principally looking at building structures that will attract corporate Nigerians to the fold of the football federation. One of the things that we did was getting companies with very high reputation to act as management and financial consultants to us.

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Watch Dry, get thrilled

Halima gets pregnant and suffers Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF), after child delivery. Now, we see her abandoned by her husband and her own father and overly discriminated by the society. They say she smells. They throw things at her in the market. They say she disgusts them. Her co-wives want her out. She is thrown out by her husband and his mother. This is when Zara Robbins (played by Stephanie Linus) comes into the picture.

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How Pete Edochie was chosen for Things Fall Apart

But there were other people that came for the general audition. I was invited to the audition and the venue was the main auditorium of he University of Nigeria, Enugu campus. The moment I walked into the auditorium, the white woman who was invited to handle costuming and other things saw me. She just looked at me as I was coming in, and screamed, saying: “if this man could act, that’s the man we want for the role.” She never met me before that day.

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The rise and rise of Bovi

I am inspired by life, hence I study it. I look at the way people live from the other side of the mirror. I see things people are blind to. I do a lot of research and read a lot. I watch TV and also travel and meet people. Now that it’s a job, I deliberately make an effort to look out for the funny side of life.

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How common are ‘Surrogate’ fathers?

In the mean time, the boyfriend whom his loving wife had had for ages, had been telling anyone who cared to listen that but for him, my uncle wouldn’t have had an heir as the first child, now married is a female. What could the family do about this embarrassment? Nothing. All you have to do is compare the boy’s looks with the braggart and see a striking resemblance. My uncle’s saving grace is that he is fair too, but not as chubby cheeked as his so-called son.”

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Robbers besiege Ijaiye Community

Life has seemingly become hell for residents of Ijaiye Community in Ifako-Ijaye Local Government Area of Lagos following incessant attacks by men of the underworld. Business activities have also grounded to a halt in the area as a result of the activities of these criminals who terrorize and rob them.

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Basorge Tariah, Kate Henshaw return as Do-Good premières

Renowned actor, BasorgeTariah Jnr. is returning to the silver screen as Africa Magic premieres its new Pidgin English sitcom, Do-good,on Monday, 6 July, 2015. Do-good, which is a spin-off of a popular Nigerian drama series of the 1990s, features the exploits of the titular character Do-good, played by Tariah, who returns from a sojourn abroad to woo his sweetheart Emem, played by Nollywood leading lady, Kate Henshaw.

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Falcons didn’t fail – Okon

I wasn’t surprised to see USA make substitutions that were more defensive after our sending off as they knew they were playing a good team. You always have a 50-50 chance in every game. Today USA made the most of one of their chances and we didn’t, even though we had several.”

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