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NEMA Rescue Team

NEMA: Welcome back my country

Human beings are prone to calamities which, in most cases, are beyond human imagination and control.  These calamities are capable of causing untold physical and emotional stress to every discerning mind.  Occurrences like fire outbreaks, chemical spill, flood disasters, gun attacks, insurgents’ activities and even physical threats among several others could result to emergency situations.  People don’t pray for disasters to happen but they pray to see a helper when it happens.

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Coca-Cola Nigeria unveils Mama

Coca-Cola Nigeria today unveils ‘Mama’, the affordable 1Litre PET bottle of Coke. Mama, which embodies the spirit of generosity and kindness of the Nigerian mother, is created to bring families closer by encouraging intimate family moments and making every moment worth sharing for the Nigerian family.

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Another October, another anniversary, another cycle of lies

October is the tenth month of the year. It is also the second of the dreaded ember months. So all of us should be grateful for making it thus far. After all, a lot of healthier and more privileged people had passed on already. This October makes it the 58th year of our nationhood. So the nation should be grateful for making 58 in spite of the many challenges bedevilling our nation state.

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