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CGM vs Ehondor: Who owns this land?

By Gabriel Enogholase, Benin City FOR the Church of God Mission International Incorporated with its headquarters in Benin City, it appears that all is not well with the mission founded by the late erudite preacher and evangelist, Archbishop Benson Idahosa as the church is currently enmeshed in a land dispute with a senior Benin palace
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Are you in a healthy relationship? (5)

Violence at home or in any relationship is a serious threat. A guy who bullies his lady or threatens her at the slightest provocation needs to have his head examined. A woman who destroys everything in the home or smashes windscreens of her guy’s vehicle or other things precious to him is not on the right track. She needs counseling and psycho-therapy just like the guy that destroys or batters a woman to drive home a point.

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