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Starcomms introduces alternative data subscription payment

CDMA operators, Starcomms at the weekend, announced that it has provided its data subscriber with the latest initiative designed to make renewal of data subscriptions more convenient. It said that subscribers now have three easy options to renew and pay for their data connections. They are, online renewal by using recharge cards, by SMS through direct airtime debit or through subscribers’ Interswitch debit/ATM cards. The new payment initiative is available to the company’s subscribers using either Izap or 1x internet services.

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Etisalat denies board room quibbles

Etisalat Nigeria, has described as baseless rumour, a story in one of Nigeria’s ICT publications alleging that its board was having quibbles over control of equity and investments in the company. According to the company, it was unfortunate that such a baseless and unsubstantiated rumour would come from the vibrant Nigerian media.

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Poverty is always the result of the inability of people to overcome elements of the environment…Dr. Magnus Kpakol

Dr. Magnus Kpakol, National Co-ordinator of the National Poverty Eradication Programme needs no introduction. Before he became the arrow head of NAPEP, he was the Chief Economic Adviser to former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Before that appointment, Dr. Kpakol was a Professor of Economics at the Dallas University, USA, and an Adjunct Professor of Economics at the University of North Texas. He has also served as the Principal Consultant to VIJON International, a business and management consulting firm in Carrolton, Texas, USA.

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How to give your Boobs a Lift without surgery

One of Oprah Winfrey’s show once devoted a whole episode to women often wearing the wrong size bra and ruining their otherwise lovely figure. You’re probably wearing the wrong size bra if you notice any of the following problems!
You see deep strap imprints on your skin when you take off a bra; your chest looks saggy under clothes; you pull up your bra straps or tighten them; you feel your bra ride up in the back; your breasts spill over the cups.

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Going Somewhere?

During the summer Reg and I were hired to coordinate wardrobe and pack for a certain entertainment insider in Atlanta who would be traveling to New York for five days and then on to Los Angeles for 10 days.

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Do you find it easy to forgive and forget

“THERE is such a thing as good anger:” explains psychotherapist, Janice Alpert. “And dealing with it is much better than pretending it is not there.** So, at what point do you stop turning the other cheek and go for the an-eye-for-an-eye option? Does the fact that the person who hurts you says “I’m sorry” automatically see you saying -That’s okay, forget it’?

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