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Will I ever be a good father to my dear son …

Some five months ago, Earnest, a charted accountant who’d just ventured into going it alone in his private firm, became a father for the first time. He’s still in awe of what he termed “a miracle and God’s priceless gift to us”. According to him, “mV son’s coming has turned me up-side out. All those things that seemed essential to me have, in the past days, taken on a different colour.

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To Resist or To Surrender?

Today didn’t go as I had planned. I was set for a photo-shoot. I had scheduled clients and intended to take next steps on an article for Allure. Instead, Maggie, my older daughter, ended up home from school. I cancelled all appointments to take care of her.

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Mud Bath

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what a mud bath is. It happens to be one of the most popular treatments in European Spas. Mud baths originated hundreds of years ago in Europe and has also been a popular treatment for centuries among Native Americans. In the 1940’s and 50’s mud baths were mainly sought after by elderly individuals seeking relief form rheumatism and arthritis.

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Nutrition and Cancer: what link?

Cancer develops when changes to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the nucleic acids that are the basis of heredity and contain the genetic blueprint, result in the production of malignant cells that replicate but are not controlled or killed by natural defense mechanisms in the body. Cells are most vulnerable to intrusion and damage from cancer-causing agents when cells divide and their DNA uncoil so that the gene information can be copied. Often, cancers are hereditary, meaning there is a predisposition to the disease but, that it needs to be triggered by sources such as chemical toxins and certain fats in the diet.

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Michael Jackson: His beauty and style

Thursday the 25th of June 2009 will go down as one date many will not forget in a hurry. It was the day the lights deemed and the curtains dropped as the undisputed king of pop music, Michael Joseph Jackson, passed on in California. He was 50 years old. More than a week after, family and friends are left shocked and speechless while the sound of crying and wailing continue to reverberate across the globe.

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The master key to triumph!

Many people want to triumph in their businesses, careers and in the affairs of life, but they are quite ignorant of what it takes to do so. Some think of succeeding through short-cuts, not knowing that such short-cuts lead to dead-ends. Others feel they can triumph by cutting corners and playing pranks! These are not the ways to sincerely triumph in the affairs of life.

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My pains, my regrets, by Alamieyeseigha (2)

I did 200metres rope climbing to the top of a platform once. It was suicidal. When the boys heard that the Governor-General had arrived, they stopped what they were doing. How many have I not done? You don’t pay ransom – ransom for what? They released the hostages. What makes you think that you are more Niger Deltan than me?

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2010 World Cup: Let Okocha decides if he wants to quit retirement– Galadima

Former NFA Chairman, Ibrahim Galadima has added his voice to the call on former Super Eagles captain Austin Okocha to quit retirement and lace his boots for the Super Eagles once again, if Nigeria picks the 2010 World Cup ticket. Last week, ex-international Adokie Amiesimaka called on the Presidency and the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to prevail on Okocha to come out of retirement and assist Nigeria at the World Cup in South Africa.

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Only Amodu can decide Okocha’s return to Eagles — Okpala

Following the statement made by the former Green Eagles winger Adokie Amiesimaka urging the Presidency and Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to persuade former Super Eagles midfielder Austin Okocha to return to active football, ex-International and former Rangers coach Sylvanus Okpala says only the Super Eagles handler Shaibu Amodu can determine the return of the former Bolton Wanderers player to the team.

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