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Be careful not to destroy your destiny

PEOPLE consult spiritualists for different kinds of problems or fact-finding. There are three ways spiritual consultations are done. The traditionalist (herbalist or native doctor), Christian way (God appointed Prophet and Islamic spiritualist.) The traditionalist in Yoruba-speaking area consults the ifa oracle for people that need solutions to problems.

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Artists search for true identity

A group exhibition tagged Identity, curated by Ekemelu Nnoli, CEO, Denk Spaces and Udemma Chukwuma featuring 25 remarkable paintings, drawings, mixed media and sculptures by five contemporary Nigerian artists, will open on July 9, at Denk Spaces, 13, Uyo Crescent, off Emeka Anyaoku Street, Area 11, Garki, Abuja, and will run till July 30, 2017.

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Old Wine, New Bottles

What do we do with Nigeria is not the question, but what Nigerians should do as citizens. Placing the blame and ills on the how Nigeria is structured is evading and avoiding decades of the protracted misadministration and mismanagement of successive governments on merely national structure. I wish it were that simple but it is not. Seriously there have cracks in the fault line of the national fabric and all administrations have contributed to its failure so by simply blaming it on structure, it is disingenuous, evasive and purposely trying to extricate themselves from the monumental failures of Nigeria and it is not helpful.

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