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Is there a war against corruption? (3)

Lest we forget, the friction between the Legislature and the Executive at federal level has not been occasioned by Senator Saraki’s woes alone. The discerning reader may ask, what of Senator Dino Melaye? Let it be recalled that Senator Dino Melaye has also been harassed by law enforcement agencies, for reasons that have since been obscured by the drama often accompanying his arrest, detention, arraignment and so on.

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FGN V CJN: Appeal Court Judgment on Justice Nganjiwa(3)

I have examined the Charge which is mainly made up of 13 allegations of corruption allegedly committed by the Appellant as a sitting Judge of the Federal High Court and the last count relates to statement made to the EFCC during investigation. It is obvious from the various counts that the Appellant is purportedly being charged with “unlawful enrichment by Public office,” while being a Judge of the Federal High Court. 

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