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Yellow Glow

Even though it is one of the most tricky colours to wear, yellow is big this season with looks in belts, shoes, dresses, tops and even pants. You can be very stylish with yellow as long as you know how to coordinate this bright color with the rest of your outfit. The key to wearing yellow well is not over doing it.

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What lies underneath

Too often, we pay so much attention to the outward appearance to the detriment of our inner wears. Yet, what we wear under those gorgeous dresses say a lot about who we really are. What is the use looking dapper if the undergarment is nothing to write home about. You don’t want to caught napping. So we ask the question, what lies beneath? Take a peak to be sure you look good in and out

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I almost married a loser!

Hello Jerome. My name is Victoria and I am an ardent reader of your column. Permit me to ask where you have been for weeks. I was particularly touched by your piece: “Are you in love with a Loser?”, because I was, until recently, in a relationship with a loser; a guy who tried to break me in every possible way. Thanks to God, my mom’s counsel, and my courage that helped me to break free from it amidst pains and heartbreak.

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Every Nigerian woman is a designer — Kayode Sofola(SAN)

He breathes the law the way regular folk breathe air. He has done so all his life. His father, Kehinde Sofola (who passed away a few years ago) was one of those who defined the practice of law in Nigeria during those definitive years of the sixties and seventies. Choosing the same profession as such a father is likely to have one or two effects: getting overshadowed or becoming rebellious. The Senior Advocate of Nigeria escaped both; and has clearly and patiently proved his mettle without the proverbial chip on the shoulder.

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The edge in the trend

Metallics,frills,asymmetric,colour blocking,structured shoulders and mini dresses are trends that have continued to show on the fashion scene season after season. These trends have been put together from a different perspective with so much edge and bits of eccentricity to serve as inspirational guide for the fashion forward.

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Black Glamour

By Jemi EKUNKUNBOR In an age where the wish of most women is to have a model figure, wearing more of black is one way to hide the appearance of belly fat, or reduce love handles. Black more or less slims out everyone. An elegant black dress is something every woman should have in her
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Beach Body Plan

BODY PERFECT 101: Ninety three percent of people would rather receive a flat stomach/sexy body than a diamond ring for your birthday (study from Auburn University, Montgomery).

If you have done the DETOX DIET, here is the super effective step-by-step plan to look healthier and maintain your beautiful body.

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The least stressful hair style

I am searching for the hair style that could be rightly called the least stressful. Women are busier than ever; and they need to combine convenience and practicality with good-looking hair. Of course, there are styles that last even up to 3 months, such as braids. You can also wear a weave for up to 10 weeks if you wished. But how stressful is the procedure?

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