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Why some men don’t listen to their wives

Everything has its life span; even the very lives we live on earth. We may live forever in Heaven but as long as we are here on earth, there is a time to be born and a time to die. Everything that will happen to you as a person will also happen within that lifespan. Who knows, for me, it may be the last time I will be writing, but I pray not. Or, for you, it may be the last time that you will be reading, but I pray not too. For some of us, this may be our last Christmas and yet for others, it will be their very first.

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Finding Your Wings

How often we humans go through endless contortions to escape trials and challenges! We try to run away. We look for someone to rescue us. We pray that God will miraculously cut short the difficulty. But what if a struggle is serving some purpose? I found a surprising story recently, one that stimulated some deep thinking on this very question. See what you think. . . .

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Our bodies, our assets

In a society like ours, where lack of discipline, spoils of wealth and down right insouciance has made many Nigerian men bulb-like and completely out of shape, sexy bodies like that of Boma, Kelvin and Otu are like fresh water springs.

We went the extra mile to get these guys together – to show what the real alpha male should look like; the perfect male figure. Enjoy!

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Bringing Sexy Back

No matter what season it is, halter neck dresses are always popular among hot women, who love to look sexy. You must have seen celebrities and various divas wearing halter neck dresses and flaunting a glamorous look. In case, you too wish to do the same, this Christmas season, then read the following tips to wear such halter neck dresses for that celebrity look you crave.

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Dare to go Nude

Ok, we are not asking you to go nude on skin here, but just put on some pretty flesh-toned fashion. When you wear a nude color, it disappears against your skin. The color is deceptive and gives the illusion of skin.

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Shopping in style

It’s true. Christmas is here and it is that time of the year again when individuals have to spend money. No matter how prudent you are, there is one day when you pound the streets to buy one thing or the other. If you’ve done this over time, then you know that shopping in this clime is not easy especially if you are one of those who like a good bargain. You need to move around a few shops to decide on what you what to spend your money on.

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HIV: Living positively

In 1986, when the first HIV case was reported, being told that one was infected with HIV was like handing out a death sentence to that individual. Not only was there barely enough information, there was no preventive medicine and we were told there was no cure. Fifteen years down the line, there is still no cure but infected persons don’t have to die anymore as the introduction of anti-retro-viral (ARV) drugs have helped to keep infected persons alive.

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Diet defense against HIV and AIDS

AIDS is thought to be caused by the human immune deficiency virus HIV. The virus destroys the body’s infection fighting T-cells. After exposure to the virus, 3 to 6 months will elapse before tests show evidence that anti-bodies to the virus have or have not developed in the blood. Until then, test reads HIV negative. Early symptoms appear as flu and may take 7 to 11 years to develop.

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We all have an HIV problem!

I was in company of a friend of mine, Dr. (Mrs.) Olusola Oluyombo Oyekunle, nee Mabogunje, recently at the Island Maternity, Lagos when she asked me if I know what my HIV status was. I told her I do and that it was negative. Then, she asked me how long I had an HIV test to which I answered a year ago. She then encouraged me to have another one and that there was no harm in being sure that I was still negative. I did and guess what? Well, I will tell you the result at the end of this article. But, whatever I tell you, trust me, I have chosen to handle it well.

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