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The ruffle look Day

By Yemisi Suleiman Ruffles are everywhere now, as quite  a few outfits these days have ruffles as they can add a touch of class of detail to the items that you are wearing. A  great way to add a little flavour to  the trend is  by having them on the bag, shoes, scarves or jewellery.
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Hottest latest trend

One style or trend that is really hot on the fashion scene now is the draped dress.. Draped dress is a general term which can be applied to all sorts of dresses from elegant Greek goddess dresses to body con dresses and quirky styles of dresses with fabric draped in an unexpected way.

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Definitely not! Every woman can not have long hair because not all women are blessed with the genes and even among those who may have inherited genes for great hair, not all will have the type of information they need or the time/effort/money to acquire healthy hair. Let’s examine all possible scenarios. Some women say
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Style on resurrection morning

Jemi Ekunkunbor The Christian world today marks the resurrection of Christ. The celebration which holds is very significant place for every Christian is marked with a lot of pump and worship. Today’s style is unique as most people turn out in outfits worthy to meet the risen Christ. Event the usually outgoing person,  makes it
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Double take

By Jemi Ekunkunbor It is not every day that you get to catch a designer all dressed up. The same thing goes for models who often have to be the hangers for the clothes made. But once in while, on those occasions where they need to let down their hair, you get to catch them
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New look Monochrome

BY Jemi Ekunkunbor The classic black and white combination in either clothes or accessories is one of those timeless pieces that women of style have employed over the years to create that look of maturity and instant sophistication. Also known as the monochrome, it is an instant hit any day as the only two tone
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@ the launch of Morning Dew

The expansive Agip Hall of the Muson Centre came alive on March 25, 2010 as renowned female publisher, BETTY IRABOR launched a rich collection of her memoirs, ‘Morning Dew’. The event, which attracted top enterprenures and the creme of the fashion and entertainment industry, offered  guests  an exotic menu of entertainment, fun and inspirational reading
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