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Nigerian designers on the platform

Although the much buzzed Face of Africa model search may have come and gone, its memories continue to reverberate in the fashion and style world. The well put together show, presented an opportunity for Nigerian designers to give an account of themselves. And they did. Nigerian Designers home and abroad invited to clothe the models
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Yes, convert your braiding human hair extensions into weave-on at our hair facility in Lagos. This way, you do not have to sit through 4 or 5 hours of braiding time when you want to wear your human hair. If you have short hair and you are trying to grow it, try combining a weave-on
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A Woman must be able to manage and co-ordinate her family and work life – Prof. Ibironkae Akinsete

Ibironke Akinsete is a Professor of Haematology whose  fascination with blood and the formation of the human body informed her choice of career. Born 72 about years ago, Prof. Akinsete graduated in Medicine from Aberdeen University, Scotland and acquired scholarships, prizes and fellowships in Haematology. She is retired now and serves as consultant to the
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Gall stones

Gallstones are solid deposits of cholesterol or calcium salts that form in the gallbladder or the bile ducts nearby. These stones often cause no symptoms and do not need treatment. In some individuals, a gallbladder attack occurs with symptoms such as nausea and an intense, constant or intermittent ache in the upper middle or right
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Ready for a new body!

Often we get so caught up in the rules of a diet that we miss the most important part of a life style strategy: changing attitudes and perspectives about food, and eating to allow a change of habit. Some eating is habitual as an automatic response to various life situations. Old habits can be triggered
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I can’t to find you

If you’re interested in meeting new people, send fewer text messages and make more phone calls. For females, I advice you let a guy do more of the calling; if he wants you he will chase you, just be available. Spend less time downloading music for your iPod and spend more time listening to live
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Love Thine Curves

Voluptuous is the new black. Everywhere, on every platform, via every medium, the curvy woman is celebrated. Now, with each pronouncement and every communication, those lines that influence our subconscious and conscious are telling us to stop, listen and admire she of the bodacious beauty. Icons of curves have sprung out everywhere, from the Jennifer
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Trendy scarves

By Yemisi Suleiman Women’s scarves are one of today’s hottest accessory essentials. They are not just used as  head cover anymore,  but as neck ties on corporate shirts, as hair bands, belts and more. Putting on a suitable design of scarf can easily make any outfit a knockout. Beyond the elegance delivered by fine jewelleries
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