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Agric International Summit & Fair 2012

 Agric International Summit & Fair 2012 Celebrating The Greenness Of Nigeria A-Three Day International Agro Summit & Fair   Organisers: Vanguard Media Limited Publishers of Vanguard Newspapers & Courtly Communications Limited In Collaboration with Kwara State Government Why The Programme The proposed programme is planned to draw the attention of the international community to the
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The Storm Troopers

Getting eleven of Nigeria’s hip-hop stars under one roof wasn’t going to be an easy task. But I thought because they were all under Storm Records management, we could route them in for a photo shoot and feature. How wrong! It was a Herculean task! If it’s not South Africa today for one, it would be New York tomorrow for another. In the end, we decided to make do with the six stars available for our shoot. In my book, this is definitely a success story.

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