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A Daily Trust in the Media, not the Army

AS a former newspaper Editor, I would not have published the Daily Trust lead story of January 6, 2019 titled: Military prepares massive operation to retake Baga, others, which led to the newspaper’s invasion by armed soldiers. My editorial judgement would not have been based on the army’s fairy tale that the story violated national security, but because it was primarily, a rehash of information that was already in the public space. I would have asked the reporter to provide fresh information or a new angle to the story.

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Banking sector will record robust year-end result — Magnartis Finance boss

Seyi Abe, the Managing Director of Magnartis Finance & Investment Ltd, in this interview, spoke on activities in the equities market in 2018, saying that there is possibility of a rebound if a credible election holds. Excerpt: By Nkiruka Nnorom WHAT is your view on the equities market performance in 2018? The equities market closed
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