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COVID-19 and cancer: Nigeria's unique quadruple jeopardy

Containing Coronavirus: Lessons for Nigeria from South Korea  

Among countries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, South Korea stands out. The Asian country’s containment effort is widely regarded a model. It has demonstrated that containing the coronavirus, while difficult, can be beaten with smart, aggressive public health measures. With a total of 9,332 confirmed cases, out of which 4, 528 fully recovered (as of 6 am on Friday 27th March), South Korea’s recovery rate is among the highest in the world.

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Agba, minister, Buhari

Clem Agba, a daring team leader, @ 56

He is no less a child of providence, wielding power and privilege with fetching humility and exemplary focus.  He has demonstrated with his life’s trajectory that royalty, economics, philanthropy and politics fundamentally address transformation of the human condition for good. As yet, he unabashedly maintains this unique, philosophical footing in his private and public exertions.

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