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Nigeria is losing a whole generation to unemployment

Hanan presidential jet saga: NCGF decries controversy over first family

THE Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship (NCGF), a trans-denominational Faith-based group of Christians intellectually equipped to positively impact our society and world at large has decried the controversies surrounding the first family, saying only last week the family added another controversy to its indecorous record with the news that the president’s daughter, Hanan Buhari, used the presidential jet to attend a private function in Bauchi, presumably at a huge cost to the nation.

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Two tributes in one – Ajibola and Attah

For me, this is already a happy year. Most newspapers now have annual awards for various individuals for different reasons. I have been opposed to the idea when it first started. To some extent, I am still very much in doubt regarding whether we are doing the right thing. Mainly, I object because the criteria, just like those of the National Awards, are not often clear. Individuals with absolutely atrocious or questionable records of achievement have been honoured. Governors are the most notorious in this regard. Some of the ex-governors who made the list in the past are now in jail for embezzling public funds. Easily debunked ‘Unusual Transformation’ in a particular state has not stopped a propagandist from receiving encomiums as a great achiever. Certainly, annual awards have been abused and the history of Nigeria distorted. We have given honour to several who are not due.

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The stripes of a prophet

As a new believer, the Lord asked me one of his intriguing questions. He said: “Femi, would you like to be a prophet?”
I did not answer. The last thing I wanted to be was a prophet. I saw no glory in it but problems and difficulties. Later, I addressed the question indirectly. I told the Lord I did not want the ministry of Isaiah. To me, Isaiah’s ministry is frustrating. He is called to preach to people who will not receive his word. 

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