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The big boys have gone SUV crazy

Call it a revolution if you like or a new wind of change. This is what is happening in the automobile  industry at the moment. The real big boys in the auto industry have decided to take the SUV world by storm. Never in my wildest dream could I have imagined Rolls Royce, the ultimate luxury car maker breaking its tradition of building luxury sedans after many decades in the business nor could I have imaged Lamborghini building sport utility vehicles in addition to its known area of speciality, which  are sport cars. What about Aston Martin and Bentley toeing the same line of building SUVs at this present time? But then, the only constant thing in life is change.

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Superfast breastmilk pump

The issue of exclusive breastfeeding is spurring innovations. Although the Federal Government has just increased the three months maternity leave by one month to ensure that nursing mothers properly breastfeed their babies, the World Health Organisation’s six months prescription for exclusive breast feeding, makes the leave a little bit insufficient.

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JAC owes success to Ade Ojo’s pedigree — JAC boss

Management of JAC Motors Nigeria, has revealed that it owes its  success in the Nigerian auto world  largely to the astute pedigree of the Chairman, Toyota Nigeria Limited and Founder, Elizade Group of Companies, Chief Michael Ade Ojo.The JAC boss made the startling revelation, while presenting a surprise birthday gift to the auto guru who turned 80 years recently.At a surprise birthday bash and gift presentation in the morning of Chief Ade Ojo’s 80th birthday, Managing Director of JAC Elizade Autoland, Mr Demola Ade Ojo revealed that “everyone acknowledges the fact that the name Elizade has opened doors for  JAC in Nigeria. Daddy, it’s your reputation that has really made us to sell this brand in Nigeria. We know that you love the brand and you likened it to what Toyota was about 40 years ago when it started in Nigeria.We are not ashamed to say that we wouldn’t have been what we are now, but for your pedigree and marketing skills”.

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