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Man slaps wife dead over N100

By Chidi Nkwopara OWERRI—For having the effrontery to retaliate when her husband slapped her, the woman received the second slap that sent her to the great beyond. But the 36-year husband, Onyekachi Anele, is currently cooling his heels in the custody of Imo State Police Command. Already, the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Taiwo Lakanu,
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Hope on the Day of the African Child

Nigerian children have been the worst hit in Boko Haram insurgency in the northern part of the country since 2009. Children, supposed to be in school are out for fear of being killed by this sect, and parents who have been lucky to be alive keep their children at home for this same reason. The trend continues as children who were better off at the Internally Displaced People’s Camp where volunteers taught them, stay at home now for the fear of being attacked.
According to Human Rights Watch report, one million children in Nigeria have little or no access to schools as a result of Boko Haram’s attacks, robbing an entire generation of children in the North East of their education.

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My wife cannot do housework, our home is in chaos

MY new wife is obviously not interested in creating a home for us. I have a good job, which means I am often away during the week, but she seems to resent doing any housework. She is supposed to be in the family business, but she scarcely goes there. I assumed when we got married the deal would be that I’d earn the money while she kept our home ticking over.

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