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Hope rekindled at the grassroots as Ogun restores 50 PHCs

Iwalola, a resident of Agbado Community in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State had been feeling the pangs of labour for several hours. It was her third pregnancy and even though from experience, Iwalola knew the birth of her baby still was a long way off, because her contractions were coming at regular well spaced intervals, nevertheless, she requested to be taken to the hospital immediately.

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Some pensioners’ views on verification

When we put out, the other week, some readers’ responses to our piece on the annual agony Federal Government pensioners go through in the verification exercise, we thought it was a closed issue on our part for the time being. We had created the awareness of the problem, and it was left to the federal government to show genuine concern and make amends. To our surprise, publishing those reactions triggered off even more reactions from pensioners.

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Still standing

A story is told of a Tibetan monk who goes about life being mindful of his duties as a guard. He takes his responsibilities very seriously at his post and never leaves it unmanned. Apart from brief breaks where he is relieved of his duties he stays alert always and his domain his never attacked; in the whole monastery it is the safest place and everyone wonders how he does it.

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Why you need to live right!

LAST week, I taught on other blessedness of sanctification, what it takes to be righteous and the dangers of desecration.
This week, I will teach on why you need to live right, the price for living a sanctified life and God’s ultimate provision for your sanctification. Living right is all about maintaining a daily walk with God, with fear and reverence. That is what living a sanctified life is all about.

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