July 10, 2024

Resurgence of suicide bombing is due to intense fire on Boko Haram – Minister


By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo

Minister of Defence, Alhaji Muhammad Badaru Abubakar has said that the Federal Government is taking all steps to deal with insurgency, especially in the Northeast region.

Speaking in an interview with the BBC Hausa monitored by our correspondent in Kaduna on Wednesday, the Minister said the recent resurgence of suicide bombing in Gwoza was an indication that the insurgents were in intense pressure occasioned by the land and air bombardment by the Nigerian military on Boko Haram enclaves.

When asked on how the security situation deteriorated in the country, the Minister said there was an improvement compared to how the situation was, before.

According to him,” we thank Almighty Allah always. Things have reduced compared to previous past. If you the Northeast, there is a tremendous reduction, these people(terrorists) are not given a breathing space and you will not hear much now, except in Borno. In Adamawa, Yobe and other states the intensity has reduced. So I think things are subsiding.”

“Not long ago, there was suicide bombing and they killed people. That happened as a result of the intense pressure on them. You know they would like to showcase something that would frighten the people. But we’ve taken steps against that and by the will of the Almighty, we are going to deal with them.”

When reminded that the recent suicide bombing after such happening in many years, could be a minus on their part, the Minister said they in the security sector knew it was not so but it was as a result of intense and constant bombardment on the insurgents.

” Now, over the past months there is intense air and ground bombardments against them, before doing so used to take time. Now we are on an operation code named Desert Sanity 3 and Lake Sanity 2. This Lake Sanity 2 is a joint operation with Chad and Cameron. You should have the reports of the progress made. Just last week scores of Boko Haram elements were dealt with in the Lake Chard area. At the weekend, Boko Haram elements were dealt with at Sambisa and is among the stories you’ve seen.”

” So it’s this pressure and the intense bombardment which made them think of what to do to frighten the public. That was why they did what they’ve done and by the will of the Almighty, we are after them. Even yesterday, a vehicle was intercepted which was loaded with bombs to be used in blowing power installations or for suicide attacks. We are working and by the Almighty’s will, we would continue to strive.”

Commenting on whether the exit of Niger Republic from the regional grouping may cause drawbacks in the fight against the insurgents, he said Niger was also tackling their own problems.

“As you can see His Excellency the President has asked the Presidents of Senegal and that of Togo to continue to dialogue with our brothers so as to resolve issues amicably. We know the problems at the borders and the kind of joint operations we should embark upon. But for now, we have barricaded, watching what would come in and what is going out,” he added.