July 10, 2024

Peter Oboh faults world leaders’ stance on Russia-Ukraine war

Peter Oboh faults world leaders’ stance on Russia-Ukraine war

The ex-British and Commonwealth boxing champion, Peter Oboh, has faulted the belligerent stance of world leaders on the Russsia/Ukraine war, noting that they should be advocating peaceful resolution.

Oboh, in a statement, begged the world leaders to come to gether to make peace, so that there can be peace between Ukraine and Russia.

His call is coming on the heels of Russia’s bombing of a facility that housed children in Ukraine.

According to Oboh, “Rather than fuelling Ukraine with more weapons of mass destruction, which the nation of Russia has more than enough in their warehouses, the West should pursue peace by all means.

“That hard stance by our leaders will not enhance peace. Two wrongs cannot make a right. The last world war started by one wrong move.

“My advice to our leaders is if they want to become Mr Nice Guy, let them first fight to stop the genocide and atrocity happening in the Isreali war with the Palestinians.

“There is also the raping of women and children in the Sudanese civil war. Sorry, but I must have to quote what one of Nigeria’s former first THERE IS GOD OO,” Peter Oboh warned.