July 9, 2024

Mayor Akpodoro congratulates British PM, Starmer, urges stronger ties with Nigeria

Mayor Akpodoro congratulates British PM, Starmer, urges stronger ties with Nigeria

By Tunde Oso

MAYOR of Urhoboland, Eshanekpe Israel a.k.a Akpodoro has congratulated the newly-elected British Prime Minister, Keir Starmer, on his victory at the polls, describing it as overwhelmingly deserving, noting that his victory is the fruit of hard work and popularity based on years of superlative antecedents.

The Mayor’s congratulatory message was contained in a statement issued in his Mayoral Palace Ughelli, Delta State South-South Nigeria.

Mayor Akpodoro noted that the British electorate’s overwhelming mandate given to Starmer is a testament to his astuteness, statesmanship and the finesse of his character adding that the world needs such revolutionary change, particularly in Africa to change the norm of good leadership deficit which he maintained in the bane of African development.

The Mayor who is also an ex-agitator for a better Niger Delta region noted that the British electorates will heave a sigh of relief from the lethargy of government to a more proactive administration that will usher in massive growth and more development.

The Mayor seeks a stronger British tie with Nigeria particularly in the area of the war against corruption asking that Starmer pivot an end to Western complicity in corruption in Africa for the continent to grow.

According to the vociferous youth leader, there are reasons to believe that most stolen funds from Africa particularly Nigeria are stashed away in the United Kindom and this he said is not difficult to end by the new British leader as he also demands more repatriation of the wealth of artefacts stolen and stored in museums in that country.

“The Starmer government should lead from the front by showing Workable examples in the war against corruption of any kind in Africa. All the stolen artefacts from Africa in the custody of the people and government of the United Kingdom should be repatriated to their respective countries. Those items remain stolen and must be returned to their original base. I congratulate Starmer and hope that he changes the face of development in one of the oldest kingdoms in human history,” Mayor Akpodoro stated, wishing the new Prime Minister success in his tenure.