July 10, 2024

Markets are catalysts for economic growth, devt — Etsako East LG boss

Markets are catalysts for economic growth, devt — Etsako East LG boss

Chairman of Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State, Princess Benedicta Attoh, has laid the foundation stone for lockup shops in the Agenebode main market saying the move will boost economic and trading activities in the council.

Attoh noted that “farmers will need a storage point to gather their locally produced farm products for wholesale rather than moving them home daily.”

She said: “For steady economic growth and development, the government must implement appropriate policies that can sustain the expected growth, and one of such policy decision that we have made as a council is our market, which plays an important role in economic development.”

The council boss, who spoke at the local government headquarters, during the event said: “We are here to lay the foundation stone for a block of lockup shops in the Agenebode market. It’s a new project the Council is embarking on for the benefit of our people.

Traders in this market spend a lot of money every day transporting their goods to the market and taking the leftovers back home. This lock-up shop is to address the need and request of traders and to also reassure them that a modern Agenebode market is possible.

“Etsako East local government has taken the issue of market establishment very seriously because it serves as an economic catalyst for development and growth.

“As a woman, I understand the role of the market as an economic booster, which is why, as soon as I resumed office as Chairman of the Council, I immediately reopened the Okpekpe main market, which had been closed for years. Foreigners have recently begun to patronise the Okpekpe market for food. Today, the market has become a rallying point and a source of revenue for the council, as well as a job creation opportunity for the unemployed.”

She stated that the power of the market cannot be underestimated as a rallying point for both the rich and the poor.

She said: “Our deliberate action of rebranding Etsako East markets across various communities and over all other closed markets is intended to stimulate economic activity, and we will do the same in other communities.

“We are not operating a concentric government where development is concentrated at the centre alone. As a council, we want to explore the possibility of impacting every community with our limited resources.”