July 10, 2024

Legal innovator, Caleb Oboagwina Esq., backs Chukwuka Ikwuazom for NBA presidency

Legal innovator, Caleb Oboagwina Esq., backs Chukwuka Ikwuazom for NBA presidency

Caleb Oboagwina Esq., the visionary founder of EasyAI and EasyRead Legal, has thrown his support behind Chukwuka Ikwuazom, SAN, in his bid for the presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

Oboagwina emphasises the need for courageous and innovative leadership to drive the legal profession forward, making a bold and inspiring endorsement.

Describing Ikwuazom as the embodiment of integrity, diligence, and fearless commitment to justice, Oboagwina begins his endorsement by stating, “A Fearless Bar. Fearless Leadership.”

With the election just eleven days away, he urges NBA members to choose a leader who reflects these qualities.

Oboagwina highlights Ikwuazom’s exceptional leadership during his time as Chairman of the Lagos Branch, where he spearheaded transformative initiatives.

These accomplishments include implementing monthly financial reporting, introducing a Knowledge Sharing Session (KSS) that greatly increased meeting attendance, revitalizing the Continuing Legal Education Committee (CLE), establishing a mentoring program for young lawyers, and demonstrating prudent financial management and investment.

Through his endorsement, Oboagwina expresses his confidence in Ikwuazom’s ability to replicate his successful leadership at the national level.

“Considering his continued impact and leadership within the legal community, I firmly believe that Mr. Ikwuazom, SAN can bring about positive transformations on a national scale,” states Oboagwina.

Appealing to all NBA members across the country, Oboagwina passionately calls for support of Ikwuazom’s candidacy, envisioning a stronger and more united legal profession under his leadership.

“Together, we can achieve a Fearless Bar under Fearless Leadership,” concludes Oboagwina, rallying the legal community to embrace Ikwuazom’s vision for a better future.

As the NBA elections draw near, Oboagwina’s endorsement provides significant momentum to Ikwuazom’s campaign, indicating a promising direction for the Nigerian Bar Association under transformative and fearless leadership.