July 9, 2024

LASTMA unveils customer support centre for traffic management


By Olasunkanmi Akoni

The Lagos State Government, through the State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, on Tuesday, inaugurated a 24-hour free call centre and other facilities for improved traffic management systems across the metropolis.

The State Commissioner for Transportation and Special Adviser to the State Governor on Transportation, Oluwaseun Osiyemi and Sola Giwa, respectively, at LASTMA Headquarters, Oshodi, officially launched the facilities which include: A walk in complaint centre, website, whistleblower app and the new Department of Statistics Research and Data.

Giwa, whose office created and will be driving the initiative, stated that the new efforts are intended to boost communication between the public and traffic management authority, simplify traffic operations, and significantly improve the overall driving experience in Lagos.

Giwa added that the initiative is designed to enhance LASTMA’s reputation and restore public trust in the agency.

Toll free call center

According to him, “No doubt, Lagos is densely populated and this sometimes results to daily gridlocks, accidents, contributing to our city’s traffic challenges.

“In response to these challenges, the Customers Support Centers aims to provide real-time, efficient solution to traffic management, reflecting our government’s commitment to leveraging technology for public service enhancement.

“The call centre is a state-of-the-art facility, operational 24/7, staffed by trained professionals skilled at handling a wide range of traffic-related issues. Motorists can contact the call centre via toll-free dedicated hotlines to report traffic incidents, request assistance, or seek information on road conditions.

“The call centre, equipped with toll-free lines, will have over 10 responders dedicated to addressing traffic management issues and complaints from motorists.

“It will accommodate communication in English, Pidgin, and Yoruba.

“Using advanced technology, the call centre will track incidents, dispatch traffic officers, and coordinate with other emergency services when necessary.

“This integrated approach ensures that help is always just a phone call away, providing a lifeline for motorists caught in traffic distress.

“The benefits of these projects to the motoring public are enormous. The call centre can also accept reports on accidents and unexpected roadblocks, motorists can quickly notify LASTMA for swift deployment of traffic Officers to manage and clear the scene, reducing delays and preventing secondary accidents.”

Giwa also stated that beyond incident reporting, the call centre will also serve as an information hub for motorists, as drivers can call in to get real-time updates on road conditions and traffic advisories.

Monitoring and prioritizing feedback will be central to the agency’s operations, especially in addressing instances of officer misconduct, Giwa stated.

The Special Adviser, therefore, encouraged the public to provide feedback not only on negative experiences but also to commend exemplary conduct by agency personnel.

He expressed optimism that the timely information received through the centre will help motorists plan their routes more effectively, avoiding congestion and reducing travel time.


Giwa stated: “The Walk-In Complaint Centre represents a significant step in fostering better communication between LASTMA and the public.

“By providing swift solutions to complaints, LASTMA can demonstrate its commitment to transparency and accountability. This engagement will build public trust and encourage citizens to participate actively in traffic management efforts.

“The Whistle Blower Application will afford motorists and other road users to report dangerous driving and other reckless behaviours on the road, enabling LASTMA to take immediate action and uphold traffic regulations.

“The importance of the website in Lagos traffic management cannot be underrated. It aligns with our broader vision of creating a smart city where technology enhances the quality of urban living.

“It embodies the principles of proactive governance. Also, Statistics and Data are leveraged to solve complex urban challenges. For LASTMA, all these initiatives mark a significant move towards modernizing traffic management and aligning with global best practices.

“As we launch the Customer Support Centres and application today, motorists can expect a seamless, user-friendly experience. LASTMA has invested in training of its staff to handle calls professionally and efficiently, ensuring that every interaction contributes to a positive outcome.

“The public can look forward to a more responsive traffic management system that is better equipped to handle the demands of Lagos’s dynamic road network.”