July 10, 2024

Emotional experience at GRV’s free medical Outreach

Emotional experience at GRV’s free medical Outreach

By Obiasogu David

It was John Maxwell, the sage, who said that “a great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

Those words capture vividly the person of Ghadebo Rhodes Vivour, GRV.

For the third time, I paid a visit to GRV’s Free Health Insurance and Medical Outreach – this time, it held in Lagos Island. And I genuinely lack words and style to string the run of emotions that overwhelmed my troubled mind.

I saw Lagosians from the community troop the venue in their droves – and chaotically – to benefit from the Free Health Insurance Cover and Medical Care Outreach. The elderly, the youth, and the minors, all wearing a pitiable look – a mere glance at them, one could immediately tell that they genuinely needed help and attention.

But there’re others who were not there solely to benefit from the free Health Insurance and medical outreach. They came with this unrestrained joy and elevated spirit just to have a glimpse of the young man who’s touching and saving lives in their community – GRV!

I watched from a few meters off and, while my face was fixated on the happenings, I felt this sharp rush of emotion hit my chest and troubled my mind. Unaware, I felt drops of tears role down my cheek.

Two thoughts trapped my mind with such heavy emotions…

One, I thought, how are these many people not able to afford basic health care that they needed the Free Health Insurance so badly?

This wasn’t a case of “Nigerians love free things.” These people were truly sick and needed care but wouldn’t go to the hospital because they simply didn’t have the wherewithal to afford basic health care.

So, my mind rolled back to how very useless and cruel the government is to its people – that it neglects its primary responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of the people and affording them the opportunities to thrive.

Rather than shoulder its responsibility, the government is busy with spending on frivolities, recklessly siphoning funds into private pockets and looting the economy dry – all to the detriment of the people.

Two, I also thought, how is GRV, a private citizen, able to afford for the people what the government seems incapable of doing?

Interestingly, the same GRV lost the governorship election he was set to win, in a very hurtful way – considering the level of mindless rigging and bloodshed that marred the election – and, even as he spent so hugely and discretionarily.

Then, I recalled, how and when, in 2022, he promised Lagosians during his campaign, in the lead up to the election, that he would kickstart a Free Health Insurance Scheme for all Lagosians if elected, and if otherwise, he wouldn’t still back down on his promise.

He communicated his vision and passion of a “healthy Lagos” – where all Lagosians will live in an organized, neat, and prosperous Lagos healthily and happily. The people caught and believed that vision – hence, the goodwill he enjoyed and still enjoys.

Even when he wasn’t elected into the “position” of the governor of the state, his courage didn’t fail him in consistently carrying out this vision and fulfilling his promises.

He’s stayed passionately true to Maxwell’s philosophy that “a great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

Lagos Island, isn’t the first, second, third or the last place the GRV Free Medical Outreach would be holding. I’m aware that Kosofe, Alimosho, Ikeja, and other LGAs have all benefited – and, from what I gathered, there are many more to come.

The Programme has run since early 2023. The consistency has remained unstrained. Each outreach gets better than the previous – and has carried more innovation, commitment and vigour.

What could be driving this immense humanitarian gesture from a political leader, in a post and no-election period, if not vision and passion?

While I’m marveled by the huge impact of GRVs vision in Lagosians, I’m in awe of how effectively he’s influencing Lagos state government decisions – even when it’s clearly inconveniencing to the them.

Just last May (2024), Sanwo-Olu rushed to kickstart the Lagos Free Medical Outreach – obviously in response to the constant bashing his government has received since GRV began his.

The usual narrative has been “how can a private citizen invest his personal funds into an expensive venture as Free Health Insurance Scheme and Medical Outreach, in such a coordinated magnitude, yet, the government is incapable of doing the same?”

The response is, of course, the government simply doesn’t care!

To counter the swelling reputation-damaging conversations and prove he cared, or just maybe, to simply compete with GRV, Governor Sanwo-Olu rolled out the Lagos Free Medical Outreach last May.

But, how has that fared? The answer will be reserved for Lagosians.

But one can smell, from afar, the bilious odor of incompetence and deceit oozing from the rushed Programme – as is with other government programmes.

While I sit here and pour my emotions from an experience that triggered me, I can’t but imagine a Lagos that will have a true “Leader,” who isn’t imposed by an “overlord” but one who will emerge by the goodwill of the people, and through their free-choice which is not forced or bought by money from questionable sources”