July 10, 2024

Association vows to curtail disease outbreak from salons

Association vows to curtail disease outbreak from salons

….Ahile elected NAHBPON’s new president

By Gabriel Ewepu & Favour Ulebor

ABUJA – IN a decisive move aimed at enhancing hygiene standards and curbing disease transmission in salons nationwide, the National Association of Hair and Beauty Practitioners of Nigeria, NAHBPON, Wednesday ,vowed to curtail disease outbreak from salons across the country.

Making the commitment, the newly elected President, NAHBPON, Solomon Ahile, at the first inauguration of NAHBPON, said the association is willing to carry out necessary steps to make sure its members are enlightened and keep to best global practices and prevention.

Solomon highlighted the industry’s role in promoting public health through stringent safety measures, particularly concerning the use of sharp objects.

To fulfil his mandate, the NAHBPON boss said, he will partner with the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON, to come up with documents and guidelines dictating the safe and hygienic delivery of services across all sectors of the hair and beauty industry.

He also emphasized that such measures are crucial and critical because salons serve as common vectors for disease transmission, affecting men, women, and children who frequent these establishments.

He said: “Working with the standard organisation of Nigeria, I’m a member of the TC on standard procedures. So we are trying to bring out a document that actually directs how services in all sides should be rendered in the hair and beauty industry.

“Considering that we talk about the diseases and how this pandemic comes once in a while and destroys a lot of things.

“Salons are the avenue where people contract most of these diseases. Just like I mentioned from the speed, it’s actually from the sharp objects, and every man, woman, children, everybody comes to the salon.

“So trying to look at this avenue where we can also involve the government to come in directly to help us finance our businesses so that we can have that stability to contain whatever will come. We mentioned training and workshops.

“These are where we bring our members together to educate them on ways of operations. Where they can have informed knowledge about what actually is obtainable in the sector of service.”

Meanwhile, in addition to prioritizing health and safety standards, the president underscored the importance of government intervention to bolster the sector’s resilience.

He called for direct financial assistance to stabilize businesses and ensure they can weather future challenges effectively.

“NAHBPON is also calling on the government to provide Access to Soft Loans with minimal zero interest for our members to grow their businesses and create wealth in support of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda policy

“We hereby request that NAHBPON be involved directly to The Federal Government substantial Public Intervention Fund (PIF), to partake in the earmarking N200 billion that was approved by the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinibu to aid the growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across the country because NAHBPON falls directly under this scheme”, he said.