July 10, 2024

Akinlayo: The diary of a matchless legislator

Akinlayo: The diary of a matchless legislator

By Dapo Ipoola

The Diary of a CEO is a book written by Steven Bartlett, a British-Nigerian author who offers a candid and thought-provoking account of his journey as a young entrepreneur and CEO. The book provides valuable insights into leadership, personal growth, and the challenges of building a successful career.

In his book, he asked, “have you ever wondered why some people seem to have a Midas touch in their careers and personal growth? It’s not just luck; it’s about filling the right buckets – knowledge, skills, network, resources, and reputation – in a specific order. This systematic approach can unlock your potential and set you on the path to success and fulfillment.

At the very outset, the most critical bucket to fill is knowledge. Think of it as the foundation of a skyscraper. The stronger the foundation, the higher you can build. Knowledge comes from education, from the relentless pursuit of learning.

Now, as you’re likely already brimming with knowledge, it’s time to transform it into skills. These skills are like the tools in your toolbox, honed through practice and application. They make you valuable, not just in your own eyes but in the eyes of others as well. Your growing expertise becomes a magnet, attracting people to your network. This is where the magic begins to unfold.

With a robust network comes access to a plethora of resources. Resources can be tangible, like money or tools, or intangible, like advice or mentorship. Each resource you gather paves the way for greater achievements and opportunities.

But wait, there’s still one more bucket to fill. This is, of course, your reputation. It’s the crown jewel, a testament to your knowledge, skills, network, and resources. A strong reputation opens doors that were once closed and brings opportunities you never thought possible.”

Enter Honourable Davidson Akinlayo Kolawole, member, House of Representatives, representing Moba/llejemeje/Ido-Osi federal constituency. Saying that Hon. Akinlayo Kolawole has changed the narratives of ugly representation will be tantamount to saying the least. His robust and all-encompassing representation has further attenuated poverty and made life worthwhile for his constituents with many life-changing empowerments, programmes, and job security for the youths. AK, as fondly called is not one of the run-on-the-mill representatives who runs away from the people they profess to represent, just as the above qualities(knowledge, skills, network, resources, and reputation) stoutly make him stand tall above some representatives. As a proficient manager of man and resources, he combines all to achieve stellar performances. His profound knowledge of politics is topnotch; just as he is adeptness in skills, networking and resources confers on him the imprimatur of a political enigma. And the profoundity of all ossify the web of intricacy that individuals perceive of him. As a political juggernaut, he has demystified the once unbreakable cocoon of an elitist status that some constituents adduce to political office holder by being accessible, approachable, and relatable. Little wonder that he is almost the most loved and popular amongst peers because of his accessibility, approachability, and relatability. As a smart politician, he has gathered all these enviable qualities to soar politically and administratively, and this has actually made him the Rep general of Ekiti.

According to Ryan Freitas, he said, “Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career.” To AK, he cherishes and jealously guide the both. For the sake of those who may not be in the know, AK won his elections- both primaries and general elections on the altar of untainted character and unsullied reputation. He contested against an incumbent representative and he roundly won. This happened like a piece of cake because his character and reputation could be vouched for. He carved a political movement that went viral like a wild fire. The tsunamic cadences with which he won was worthwhile. As a politician whose word is his bond, he has made good on all his electoral/campaign promises by breaking the jinx of underrepresentation through many of his interventionist initiatives.

In giving back to his constituents as part of the social contract that he signed with them, AK has ensured the construction of solar boreholes in Iye Ekiti and Osi Ekiti; facilitated the Conditional Cash Transfer to countless number of hapless constituents; installed hundreds of streetlights in Ire-Akari, Iye, and Eda-Oniyo Ekiti communities; constructed walkways and procured modern health equipment for Otun General Hospital, so as to improve the quality of health service delivery; installed solar street lights at the Oba’s palace and market area in Ido Ekiti; equipped the ICT centers in Ilogbo, Iye, and Otun Ekiti; trained hundreds youths in technology which was done in partnership with Bamidele Olumilua University; obtained over 1000 JAMB forms for helpless candidates; freely paid for the NECO fees of the final year students of Ikosu Comprehensive High School; maintained and graded many cratered and dilapidated township roads; facilitated employment opportunities for qualified youths into juicy government ministries, agencies, and parastatals; over 1500 youths have been trained both in soft and hard skills, with special interest in sustainable future programs like: graduate internship, youth innovative and enterpreneurship development, digital skills and othe ICT services, agribusiness, human capacity development, technical and vocational skills, graphic design, cloud computing, web design, networking, crypto-trading, ethical hack, larva coding, front end development, back end development, product design, software design, product management, data science analysis, shoes and bag making, soap and insecticide making, cake and pastries.

To further engender legislative fecundity, AK has sponsored and moved some life-changing bills and motions which when scaled through, it will be a better life for the Nigerian masses and his constituents as he has moved the motions to strengthen the Public Complaint Commission (PCC); moved the motion for commercial banks to reverse to status quo regarding the daily limit withdrawal from Automatic Teller Machine, ATM; sponsored the bill for the establishment of School of Health Technology/Nursing, Ikosu Ekiti; sponsored the bill for the establishment of the Federal College of Agriculture, Otun Ekiti; moved the motion calling on the National Boundary Commission (NBC) to urgently intervene in the lingering boundary dispute between Eda Oniyo, in Ekiti State and Obo-Ayegunle, in Kwara State. As a proactive and avuncular member, he is a member of many sensitive committees like Finance, Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring, Army, Petroleum Resources (Upstream), Housing and Habitat, Ports and Harbours, Federal Polytechnics, Ecological Fund, Populations, National Planning and Economic Development, Student Loans, and Scholarship and Higher Education Financing. In the present 10th Assembly, Honourable Akinlayo is an indomitable force to reckon with in the scheme of things.

Dapo Ipoola, a Public affairs analyst wrote in from Lagos.