June 23, 2024

Who is rapper Julio Foolio? Bio, Age, Cause of Death, Net worth

Who is rapper Julio Foolio? Bio, Age, Cause of Death, Net worth

The hip-hop community was thrown into a state of mourning on Sunday after rapper Julio Foolio, also known as Charles Jones, was fatally shot in Tampa, Florida.

The incident occurred outside a Holiday Inn, where a shooting attack left Foolio dead and three others injured.

Who is Julio Foolio? 

Julio Foolio, born Charles Jones on June 21, 1998, in Jacksonville, Florida, was renowned for his raw and gritty music style, reflecting the harsh realities of street life.

His intense and often controversial tracks, including diss songs aimed at rival rappers and gangs, gained significant attention in the hip-hop world.

Julio Foolio’s age

Julio Foolio was born on 21 June 1998 which makes him 26 years upon his death.

Cause of Julio Foolio’s death

According to press reports, the 26-year-old rapper had been celebrating his birthday with friends at a local Airbnb. After police intervened to disperse the gathering, Foolio and his friends relocated to continue the celebration. The shooting happened outside the Holiday Inn, where two parked cars were targeted by a group of armed men. Foolio was in one of the vehicles when the gunmen opened fire.

Previous Attacks

Foolio’s life had been at risk on multiple occasions. In October 2023, he survived an ambush in a Jacksonville neighborhood, sustaining severe injuries to his foot. In November 2021, he defended himself during another attack in Jacksonville using a registered weapon. Additionally, in 2020, Foolio was involved in a shooting in Houston, Texas. Following the 2023 attack, he filed a lawsuit against a UF Health nurse for allegedly compromising his safety by disclosing his location.

Julio Folio’s music and net worth

Julio Foolio’s career was marked by his distinctive style and unapologetic lyrics. He carved out a niche in the competitive hip-hop scene with tracks like “Voodoo” and “Slide,” which highlighted his lyrical prowess and storytelling ability. Despite facing numerous adversities, Foolio’s talent and perseverance earned him a dedicated following and a net worth estimated at $1 million.

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