June 8, 2024

Trump shares new song, claims ‘God has chosen’ him to fight ‘evil’

Trump vows to launch largest deportation in history if re-elected

Former president Donald Trump has boasted about a new song from a conservative Christian musician proclaiming that “God has chosen President Trump to push back against the evil in our country and the evil in this world … President Trump is ‘The Chosen One.'”

“This great nation is under attack and its real leader has arrows in his back. So many greet him with a Judas kiss, but God gave us a warrior for such a time as this,” Natasha Owens sings on her new track The Chosen One.

“I’m standing with the Chosen One. Ain’t no stoppin’ what the Lord’s begun. He’s only human, like you and me, just a Chosen One,” she adds. “He stands for me, he stands for you, he stands for freedom, he stands for truth. Trump is the chosen one.”

Trump shared a link to the song on his Truth Social account, quoting the headline of a press release: “‘Trump Won’ Hitmaker Natasha Owens Declares Former President ‘The Chosen One’ with New Single.”

The song includes a sample from Trump’s infamous 2019 statement to reporters about the trade war with China. “I am the chosen one. Somebody had to do it. So I’m taking on China on trade,” he said.

Owens garnered attention last year by releasing a song called Trump Won, which promoted the false claim that President Joe Biden stole the 2020 presidential election.

“Last year I sang on the Mar-A-Lago lawn, and I dedicated my song ‘Warrior’ to President Trump,” Owens explained in the press release. “I told him that night that we have prayed many days for God’s protection to be with him. I believe that God has protected him and has made President Trump into a warrior who is fighting for us for such a time as this.”

“I certainly know that President Trump is not the Messiah, but throughout the Bible, a perfect God has used many imperfect men to do great things for his kingdom. We are in a battle between good and evil and I believe that God has chosen President Trump to push back against the evil in our country and the evil in this world. President Trump is ‘The Chosen One.’”

The song was inspired by an article from conservative radio and TV personality Wayne Allyn Root. “More than ever, I believe Donald J. Trump is ‘the chosen one’ – chosen by God to save America, Israel and the world from tyrannical and authoritarian powers trying to take our freedoms away,” Root added. “I am so proud and honoured to help Natasha Owens and her amazing team write this song about President Trump – ‘the chosen one.’ I knew Natasha was born to sing this song!”

Source: Radar