June 10, 2024

Thebeckyjoe Media Celebrates 4 Years of Digital Excellence, Highlighting Partnership with Pelumi Nubi

Thebeckyjoe Media Celebrates 4 Years of Digital Excellence, Highlighting Partnership with Pelumi Nubi

Thebeckyjoe Media Ltd, a leading social media and digital marketing agency, is thrilled to celebrate its fourth anniversary this month. Founded by Jona Ezinne Becky, also known as Thebeckyjoe, a distinguished graduate with A++ excellence in Advanced Digital Marketing from the London International Studies and Research Institute, the agency has grown from a one-person startup to a vibrant team of 15 professionals. Over four years, Thebeckyjoe Media has served over 160 brands globally, boasting a 90% client retention rate.

Empowering Brands and Individuals

Thebeckyjoe Media, also known as TBJ Media, has proven itself a leader in digital innovation and marketing excellence. Offering services such as Social Media Management, Brand Development, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Website Development, Videography, and Graphics Design, TBJ Media has significantly enhanced the digital presence of clients like Pelumi Nubi. Nubi, renowned for being the first woman to solo drive from London to Lagos, represents the agency’s ability to amplify unique stories and elevate brand visibility on a global scale.

Community Impact through Reachoutwithbeckyjoe
Beyond client services, Thebeckyjoe Media has made significant contributions to community development with its Reachoutwithbeckyjoe initiative. This charity effort focuses on promoting living, learning, and self-development, reaching over 2,000 business owners with effective social media strategy training and supporting hundreds in the community with giveaways and financial skills development.

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leaders

Reflecting on the agency’s journey, Thebeckyjoe shared, “Starting with just a cracked screen Infinix Hot 6 my father gave me, the road was never easy. Yet, here we are, four years later, transformed from my initial setup to an international team of passionate professionals. We’ve turned challenges into opportunities, especially adapting to remote work in the dynamic Nigerian market to maintain our team’s sanity against economic and infrastructural challenges.”

Future Plans and Aspirations
Looking ahead, Thebeckyjoe Media is poised for further expansion. “Our short-term goal is to maintain consistency in our brand voice and content strategy, offering tailored solutions to our clients,” said Thebeckyjoe. “For the long term, we aim to provide effective and proactive solutions to more businesses and brands across Africa and globally while also creating employment opportunities for the youth. We’re ready to step out from behind the scenes and showcase the major projects we’ve powered, including our collaborations with influencers like Pelumi Nubi and various other brands.”

Advice to Fellow Entrepreneurs
Thebeckyjoe offers advice to fellow entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of commitment and adaptability. “Stay committed to your vision and be adaptable. Understand your target market deeply and continually refine your offerings based on feedback. Invest in telling your story effectively and never underestimate the power of networking and collaborations.”

About Thebeckyjoe Media Ltd
Founded in 2020 by digital entrepreneur Jona Ezinne Becky, Thebeckyjoe Media Ltd is a premier social media and digital marketing agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. The agency has grown to a team of 15 professionals dedicated to amplifying stories and enhancing the digital presence of brands worldwide. With a focus on innovation and client satisfaction, Thebeckyjoe Media continues to set standards in the digital marketing landscape.