June 11, 2024

Take charge of your fertility journey, expert cautions Nigerian couples

Take charge of your fertility journey, expert cautions Nigerian couples

•As Foundation gifts 15 free IVF cycles

By Sola Ogundipe

Many women dream of holding a child in their arms, but for some, the dream is clouded by unseen obstacles.

Given this, Nigerian couples and women in particular have been urged to seek early treatment whenever they have concerns about their reproductive health.

Making the call in Lagos recently, an experienced gynecologist and certified reproductive endocrinologist/IVF physician, Dr. Adebisi Oyero, explained how gynecological issues like endometriosis, fibroids, and blocked Fallopian tubes, PCOS, among others can silently impact female fertility.

Oyero who spoke in Lagos during the maiden fertility awareness conference organised by the Olaronke Thaddeus Foundation in collaboration with Meet Surrogate Mothers Agency urged women to see their gynecologist any time they have any concerns about their reproductive health such as pain, menstrual irregularities, missed periods not related to pregnancy, and infertility.

In her paper entitled: “Common Gynaecological Problems Affecting Fertility”, the physician emphasised the importance of seeking professional help early to enable prompt detection and diagnosis which he said are crucial, as various treatment options exist.

“Depending on the specific condition, medication, minimally invasive surgery, or even assisted reproductive technologies (ART) like IUI or IVF can offer a path to parenthood. This isn’t just medical information; it’s a message of hope,” she noted, urging women to prioritise their reproductive health and not hesitate to talk to their gynecologist as early intervention can significantly increase the chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.”

Further, Oyero stated: “Some gynecological problems women face that directly, or indirectly impact their fertility include but are not limited to endometriosis, uterine fibroids, blocked Fallopian tubes, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS, pelvic inflammatory disease, and premature ovarian failure.

“Depending on the presentation, it is advised to visit the healthcare providers to help.  As for the treatment, a high index of suspicion based on the signs and symptoms with appropriate investigations are needed.  Management by specialists includes but is not limited to Assisted reproduction (IUI, IVF using own gametes or donor gametes, and surrogacy, among others.

Gynecological problems and infertility are interrelated, therefore proper investigations, diagnosis, and management are important,” she explained.

The event’s high point was the gift of free In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycles to 15 selected women. It was an emotional moment as the lucky winners expressed joy when their names were announced.

In a statement issued by the Founder/CEO of Meet Surrogate Mothers Agency, Olaronke Thaddeus, the fertility awareness programme is aimed at educating women battling infertility on the various methods they can explore to have their babies rather than waiting endlessly.

“The main purpose is to educate women about various approaches to solving infertility issues, which have now become a global issue affecting every couple. Again, 15 couples who meet up with our procedures have been selected to benefit from the free IVF,” she said.

Thaddeus explained that Meet Surrogate Mothers Agency was birthed as an idea conceived in her sitting room because she wanted to make a difference in womanhood.

“Our early patients were also attended to in my sitting room.

However, the vision and the passion have always been to wipe away the tears of fellow women and so far we have recorded huge success over the years.

“Meetsurrogate Mothers has always been a mother in all ramification. We are starting a new chapter today with yearly free IVF through Olaronke Thaddeus Foundation and with the hope that every year more women who desire to have their babies through IVF but cannot afford it can be hopeful.”

She said although the charity has always been silent over the years, a few free IVF cycles were given to a few women on the page yearly, paying termly school fees for various school students and also putting a few widows on our payroll.  All these have been sponsored from the purse of Meetsurrogate Mothers over the years. As we desire to

To expand our charity arm and stretch it far and beyond, we have to establish our Foundation so we can beckon all and sundry to give financially to make these dreams a reality.