June 15, 2024

Sallah: Pray for Tinubu to steer Nigeria towards brighter future – Wike


The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr Nyesom Wike, has urged the Muslim frightful to pray for President Bola Tinubu to successfully steer the country towards a brighter future.

Wike appealed in his Eid-el-Kabir message to Muslim Ummah in Abuja on Saturday.

The minister said: “Kindly remember our President and the Renewed Hope Agenda, which aims to steer our nation towards a brighter future.

“Your prayers and support are crucial in achieving these goals and ensuring that our leaders are guided by wisdom and integrity.

“I also call upon the Muslim faithful to use this period to offer prayers for our beloved country, Nigeria for peace, stability, and prosperity.”

Describing Eid-el-Kabir as the festival of sacrifice in commemoration of the unwavering faith and obedience of Prophet Ibrahim to Allah, the minister said it was time to reflect on the virtues of sacrifice, selflessness, and devotion.

He said that the occasion also teaches us the importance of caring for one another and sharing God’s blessings, especially with less fortunate individuals and households.

“As we celebrate, let us embody these values by showing compassion, generosity, and support to our neighbours and the wider community.

“In these challenging times, let us unite and look out for one another, fostering a spirit of solidarity and kindness.

“We must remember that the FCT was founded on similar principles of unity and the imperativeness of peaceful co-existence of all Nigerians, sharing a common destiny.

“As the FCT Administration, we remain committed to the development of our nation’s capital. We are dedicated to providing the necessary infrastructure that will enhance the quality of life for all residents.

“Our continuous efforts in building roads, schools, hospitals, and other essential services demonstrate our commitment to making the FCT a model for progress and development,” he said.

Wike said that the FCT Administration was making significant strides in improving infrastructure, enhancing security, and promoting economic opportunities in the FCT.

He reiterated the FCTA’s commitment to sustaining ongoing efforts and exploring new initiatives that benefit all residents.

Wikw called for the cooperation of all the residents of the FCT and enjoined them  to support all government policies designed to uplift the wellbeing of all residents and ensure that Abuja remains the pride of Nigeria.

“As we celebrate, let us not forget to be security conscious and obey all extant rules and regulations, especially traffic and sanitation laws,” the minister said.