June 15, 2024

Sallah: Chief imam blames hardship on cumulative political misadventures


Prof. Amidu Sanni,  the Chief Imam of Lagos State University (LASU), on Saturday appealed to the organised labour and the Federal Government to tidy up all issues concerning a new minimum wage.

In his Eid-el-Kabir message in Lagos, Sanni said that timely completion of the entire process would be in the interest of the country.

“The harsh economic conditions which we are all passing through today is the outcome of cumulative political misadventures over the years, lack of an enduring commitment to public good, and the shortage of trust between leaders and the led.

“The situation in Nigeria today calls for a new approach to governance and consistency in the deployment of public resources for the good of the largest majority.

“The crisis in the Middle East which is reflected in the Israeli-Palestinian war, the Russian-Ukraine war of attrition, the unending insurgency, kidnapping, banditry, and the pervasive insecurity of life and property in Nigeria should elicit the concern and empathy of all.

“The persistent advocacy for prosperity by religious leaders has promoted corruption in all aspects of life at the expense of morality, and other worldliness and the edification of criminality and perverse behaviours with impunity has made nonsense of our age-long respect for high moral values, innovation and dignity,” he said.

He said that while a living wage is legitimate and desirable, labour leaders should be reasonable in their demands and think of non-monetary measures which could also benefit ordinary Nigerians, the majority of whom are outside the formal labour sector.

The cleric congratulated all Muslims on the 2024 Eid-el-Kabir celebration to take place on Sunday.

“Sacrifice of personal wishes for higher ideals and demonstration of love and affection to all is what the feast entails.

“We pray that the Almighty Allah will enable all our brethren who are away on Hajj to the holy land to perform all the rites of the exercise and return safely to their homes.

“We also pray for the governments at all levels that Allah grants them the grace of making life more meaningful,” he said.

Sanni also prayed that the Almighty would guide the authorities of LASU toward the achievement of set goals.