June 25, 2024

Rainy season: LASBCA moves to avert building collapse

Rainy season: LASBCA moves to avert building collapse

Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) says it is taking proactive measures to prevent the collapse of buildings this rainy season and ensure the safety of Lagos residents.

The Director, Public Affairs Unit, LASBCA, Mr Olusegun Olaoye, gave the assurance in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos.

The official said that rains had negative effects on weak and poorly constructed structures.

He said that the agency had increased inspection and monitoring to quickly identify weak structures to prevent collapse during the rainy season.

Olaoye said that weak structures were more likely to collapse during rainy season due to weakened foundations from water exposure.

He said, “By finding these weak structures early, we call on the owners to repair or demolish them, and if the owners don’t take actions, LASBCA will remove the buildings at the owners’ expense to prevent collapse  and  associated injures and deaths.”

He advised property owners to have their buildings checked for structural stability and to take actions on any identified problems.

He added that the agency had identified some distressed buildings and had since published a list of them.

Olaoye said that the agency had also intensified awareness campaign by educating Lagos residents about the dangers of living in weak buildings.

According to him, the residents are being educated on how to know a structure in distress.

He said that the residents were also being encouraged to report any concerns to LASBCA.

He further said that the agency was working together with  stakeholders to create a stronger network for promoting safety and preventing building collapses.

He aded that the agency was advocating better drainage systems to reduce water build-up around structures.

He said: “We are encouraging developers to investigate the ground before building, we are advising on proper roof care to prevent leaks and damage, we are implementing tougher regulations throughout the building process and we are bringing in experts to help enforce building codes.

“These and many more are the measures LASBCA has put in place to prevent building collapse during the rainy season.’’