June 24, 2024

Protect Dangote Refinery against sabotage, NANS urges FG

Oil marketers

By Adesina Wahab, LAGOS

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has called on the federal government to ensure that the Dangote Refinery is protected against sabotage by undesirable elements.

The association noted that the refinery is crucial to the economic growth of the country to be allowed to be sabotaged by some people.

Speaking on Monday, the Senate President, Comrade Akinteye Afeez, said the alarm raised by the by management of the refinery against the activities of some International Oil Companies, IOCs, be looked into.

“This vital national project, spearheaded by Aliko Dangote, represents a significant step towards Nigeria’s economic independence and industrial growth. The refinery’s successful operation is crucial for ensuring energy security, creating jobs, and fostering economic stability within our country.

“The Vice President of Dangote Group, Devakumar Edwin, has brought to light a disturbing plot by these IOCs to inflate crude prices and create artificial shortages. Such actions are designed to force the Dangote Refinery to import crude from the United States at exorbitant costs, thus threatening the financial viability of this monumental project. This is not merely a case of business rivalry; it is a blatant act of economic sabotage that jeopardizes Nigeria’s quest for self-sufficiency in the oil and gas sector.

“Further exacerbating the situation, the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) has issued licenses for the importation of banned, substandard diesel and jet fuel. This reckless decision undermines the efforts of the Dangote Refinery, which has the capacity to produce high-quality, ECOWAS-compliant diesel. Flooding the market with inferior, high-sulfur fuels not only compromises the integrity of our energy sector but also poses significant risks to public health and the environment.

“As a student body, we recognizes the immense contributions of Aliko Dangote and his refinery project to the Nigerian economy. Many young and old Nigerians have benefited from the opportunities and advancements brought about by Dangote’s initiatives. The refinery stands as a beacon of hope and progress, and any attempts to destabilize it are tantamount to an attack on the future of our nation.

“We therefore call on the Federal Government to take immediate and decisive action to protect the Dangote Refinery from these malicious efforts. It is imperative that the government ensures the refinery operates without undue interference and that it remains a pillar of Nigeria’s economic development. “We urge the government to hold accountable those who seek to sabotage this crucial national asset and to implement measures that safeguard the refinery’s operations.

Additionally, we emphasize the need for an adequate and steady supply of crude oil to the Dangote Refinery. Ensuring a consistent flow of crude is essential for the refinery’s optimal performance and for maintaining the stability of Nigeria’s energy sector.

“The Dangote Refinery is not just a private venture; it is a national treasure that holds the promise of a brighter, more prosperous future for all Nigerians. Protecting it against sabotage is a matter of national interest and security. We implore the Federal Government to rise to this challenge and defend the refinery against any threats, ensuring that its benefits continue to uplift the lives of millions of Nigerians.”