June 21, 2024

Politicians adopt ‘stomach infrastructure’, to win election – Don

Politicians adopt ‘stomach infrastructure’, to win election – Don

Shina Abubakar, Osogbo

The Provost College of Law, Osun State University, Professor Mojeed Alabi has described the idea of stomach infrastructure as a vote-catching phrase introduced by politicians to win elections.

Speaking at the 40th anniversary of the Ede Unique Club on Friday, Alabi stressed that the idea was introduced to divert electorates’ attention from questioning political candidates’ capacity to taking money and food items.

He held that stomach infrastructure has also compromised the future of many electorates, adding that many candidates don’t just embezzle to pay back campaign expenses but also prepare against the next election.

In his words, “When the idea of stomach infrastructure was brought in place, it was used as a vote-catching phrase by politicians and the attention of the electorate immediately shifted from asking politicians what they can do for them beyond giving them peanuts.

“People no longer question a candidate’s capacity, but they question if he has money, irrespective of the sources. They don’t care if the candidate is using his money, borrowing, or has a godfather funding him/her, without knowing that the first priority of the candidate upon assumption of office is how to recover the money spent during electioneering.

“But our politicians will not only do that alone they will also acquire enough money to prepare for the next election and the cycle continues. At the end of it, the society will be badly developed.”

Meanwhile, the president of the club, Leke Omowabi while commemorating the club’s 40 anniversary, emphasized the for individuals to help the needy in society, noting that the government alone can’t do everything.

He said, “I always tell people that you can’t put everything on government, the bulk of whatever is going to be done in the society should also come from the grassroots, especially the rich should be able to help the society in any form.

“I want to enjoin all sons and daughters of Ede across the board to see the need to the community in any way they can”.