June 1, 2024

Old video of nude scene in ‘Glamour Girls’ trends after Zack Orji’s interview

Zack Orji: AGN president debunks death rumour

Zack Orji

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Nollywood actor, Zack Orji, otherwise many today wouldn’t have known what acting in a nude scene in ‘Glamour Girls’ did to Orji’s marriage. Video of that sex scene in the 1994 blockbuster film has been trending online after Orji the actor’s interview exposed how it adversely affected his marriage. It also led to his suspension from his Church.

Ever since Zack Orji showed so much support to the APC during the 2023 election that brought in this present administration, he lost the love of many social media users which he once enjoyed. The severe hardship in the country has not helped matters as people dislike him more, blaming him and his likes for being responsible for the multidimensional poverty plaguing the masses.

Truth be told, the level of hardship these days does not have part two, as they say in local parlance. What we saw during Buhari’s tenure looks like a child’s play compared with the situation on the ground.

So, the Nollywood actor told the host of the podcast, Emmanuel Ehumadu that the nude scene with co-star, Eucharia Anunobi almost ruined his marriage and that he was also suspended from his Church. The revelation which is coming weeks after the actor disclosed how he got back his health after surgeries, has kept Netizens busy. They’ve turned it into a subject of caricature.

Reacting, Chukwuemeka Johnson wrote, “now Eucharia Anunobi that you acted with is still single. Na una open my eyes for bad thing o.”

Emmy Odogwu wrote, “Una wan act like oyibo forgetting we are Africans.”

Igbojimba P’Collins goes political. “Typical of APC supporters either they trend with irrelevant or nonsensical matters.”

Divine Grace supports Igbojimba, “He should also open up on how his role during the last presidential election campaign which brought about disaster to Nigerians punched millions of Nigerians into poverty and hardship.”

Motherhen Poko wrote, “After you enjoyed yourself in that shower.” Judex ikechukwu, “Abeg who get the video? Asking for my neighbour.”