June 10, 2024

Neo Phlames backs Saida Boj, says ‘s3x commercialization already a norm’

Neo Phlames backs Saida Boj, says ‘s3x commercialization already a norm’

By Juliet Ebirim

Talented artiste, Neo Phlames has backed controversial social media influencer Saija Boj regarding her recent statement on sex for money. Phlames stated that sex commercialization is already a norm in society.

Explaining his reasoning, he remarked that while most Nigerians call Boj unprintable names, her stance reflects the current reality in Nigeria. “Saija Boj hasn’t said anything untrue. Most girls have already commercialized sex whether we like it or not,” Neo Phlames said in a video on his Instagram page.

“You meet a girl today and she’s already billing you, asking you to buy her food, wigs, bags, and phone, or telling you her rent just expired and she needs money to renew. Go to lounges and clubs, or even on your street, and see how many girls are ready to lay with you if you can afford to pay. We must stop pretending and face the reality that we are in right now. We just don’t like people who say it as it is.”

Neo Phlames, who recently released an EP titled “I Just Did It,” added that he would give Boj the twenty million if she meets his criteria. “That girl has been seriously criticized for her opinion, but I really don’t mind. A lot of people who are against her didn’t even see the full video, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving her twenty million weekly. I’d gladly give it to her, but she must also meet my criteria.”