June 13, 2024

MINUSCA and allegation of aiding illegal smuggling in CAR

MINUSCA and allegation of aiding illegal smuggling in CAR

By Lazarus Odenge

The illegal activities allegedly being carried out by MINUSCA (United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Central African Republic) members in the Central African Republic, CAR, have come under intense scrutiny.

After being caught trafficking in weapons, gold, and diamonds, authorities at M’poko Airport caught a MINUSCA member trying to smuggle ivory out of the country.

On June 5, a Cambodian member of the Indonesian MINUSCA contingent, Rith Kanara, was arrested at M’poko Airport as he tried to illegally export ivory from the Central African Republic, CAR.

Authorities discovered pieces of high-quality ivory hidden in Rith Kanara’s luggage, which had not been declared and did not carry the required documents for transportation.

A police source revealed that MINUSCA quickly intervened and ordered the release of Rith Kanara, thereby shielding him from prosecution.

This means that another crime committed by the MINUSCA representative will go unpunished and will not be held accountable.

Illegally obtained ivory is sent to different countries in the world for use in traditional medicine, jewelry, and souvenirs.

*Lazarus Odenge is an independent journalist and writer.