June 11, 2024

Menstrual hygiene: Clina-Lancet calls for collaboration to tackle period poverty

Menstrual hygiene: Clina-Lancet calls for collaboration to tackle period poverty

By Juliet Umeh

Concerned about the lack of access to sanitary pads, leading to unhygienic practices and absenteeism from school during menstruation, Clina-Lancet Laboratories has urged private sector companies and civil society organizations to join the fight against period poverty, saying that, their involvement can significantly improve access to sanitary pads for girls across Nigeria.

The Laboratory made the call today when it shared over 3000 pads to Queens College Yaba, Lagos while carrying on its Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR tagged: ‘Pad Up a Girl.’
The Managing Director of Clina-Lancet Laboratories, Dr. Olayemi Dawodu, while highlighting the importance of menstrual hygiene education said that other sectors can work together to promote and empower Nigerian girls.

She said: “We believe that by working together with non-governmental organizations, NGOs, civil society and private companies, we can ensure all girls have access to menstrual hygiene education and essential products.

Speaking on the “Pad Up a Girl” campaign, she said it aims to empower girls with knowledge and resources to manage their periods with confidence and dignity.

She said: “Menstrual hygiene is a crucial aspect of a girl’s overall health.

“Proper hygiene practices can significantly reduce the risk of infections and ensure girls can participate fully in school and daily activities.”

The programme addressed various aspects of menstrual hygiene, including proper pad usage, hygiene maintenance, and dispelling stigmas surrounding menstruation.

During the health talk to the students, Wellness Occupational Manager for Clina-Lancet Laboratories Nigeria, Dr Amaka Nwigwe highlighted the importance of sanitary hygiene.

She said: “However, menstrual hygiene goes beyond maintaining a personal hygiene or being clean. It also involves making sure that the girl child is comfortable and not embarrassed and confident to discuss menstruation and what happens to them which is why a platform like this is a very laudable project.

“It creates an opportunity for discussions in the open. So I’m just so glad that we did this today and I’m sure that the impact that we had today will resonate in years to come,” Nwigwe stated.

Appreciating the kind gesture, the Vice Principal Student Affairs 1 of Queens College, Mrs Adebiyi Titilayo who stood in for the Principal of the College, Mrs Obabori O, said: “We are grateful to Clina-Lancet Laboratories for bringing this important initiative to our school.

“Equipping our girls with the knowledge and resources they need to manage their periods effectively is essential for their well-being and academic success,” she added.