June 24, 2024

Mayor Akpodoro to Gov Aliyu: Nigerians ‘ll reject Sultan of Sokoto’s removal

Mayor Akpodoro to Gov Aliyu: Nigerians ‘ll reject Sultan of Sokoto’s removal

The Mayor of Urhoboland and prominent ex-militant leader in the Niger Delta region, Eshanekpe Israel a.k.a Akpodoro, has told Governor Ahmed Aliyu of Sokoto State to perish the thought of dethroning the Sultan, His Eminence Sa’adu Abubakar, insisting that Nigerians will reject any thought of deposing the Sultan, as it is capable of leading to nationwide radical protests because the jurisdiction of Sultan’s stool transcends the state he governs.

The Mayor, who made this call Monday, in a statement issued to journalists in his Ughelli country home, wondered why the governor, who lives under the advantages of continuous sacrifices being made by high-ranking traditional rulers like the Sultan to the growth and development of the nation after a meritorious career in the Nigerian Army, would attempt such plan capable of bringing crisis.

According to the ex-militant leader, “The Governor, if he’s planning such would be assaulting the custodian of the culture, tradition, and religion of the people, describing His Eminence as an institution that must not be desecrated by anyone no matter how big or small.”

“In a country where the people are facing the daunting challenges associated with an economy under progressive reformation, Mayor Akpodoro said, it is an affront to commonsense for a governor to engage in such a move to the extent of planning to remove an exalted traditional ruler from the throne of his forefathers on flimsy excuses.

The Gbaregolor, Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State-born Mayor noted that if it is true that Governor Aliyu mulls dethroning the Sultan, it therefore means he is deliberately calling for anarchy in the sultanate and the country at large.

The mayor stated that the planned removal of the Sultan was badly conceived, and ill-motivated, adding that such a move would be resisted by all peace lovers in the country.

“A religious leader of repute and the head of the Muslim Ummah, His Eminence Abubakar deserves respect and honour from Governor Aliyu,” the statement said, adding, “Governor Aliyu had deposed 15 traditional rulers on April 23, 2024; barely two months later, the despotic governor in a grotesque and desperate manner wants to dethrone the leader Islamic faith in the country – what a gut?”

Mayor Akpodoro, who is a Patron of the Maritime Security Agency, MASECA, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Agimor Group, said, “Without fear or trepidation, I unequivocally call on that governor to desist from an action that could jeopardise the fragile peace in the North Western region of the country.”