June 10, 2024

Man denies defiling 5-yr-old daughter

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By Henry Ojelu

A man, Emmanuel Emeruwa, has refuted what he described as ‘a well coordinated malicious social media campaign’ against him over the allegation that he defiled his five-year-old daughter.

In a statement, weekend, through his lawyer, Ife Ajayi, Emeruwa accused his estranged wife of cooking up the allegation against him to have sole custody of their children and his estate.

Expressing optimism that he would be vindicated over the allegation, Emeruwa said it was disheartening that some persons have been paid to run a well-coordinated social media campaign to defame him and wipe up negative sentiments against him, whereas, the matter was before the court.

The statement by his lawyer reads: “Our attention has been drawn to various malicious stories against our client circulating on social media, particularly on Instagram, which we believe emanated from a post by the username @justadetoun, alleging that our client defiled and violated his own daughter, who is five years of age, whose name we shall withhold.

“For the record, our client denies every allegation levied against him by his wife, and he verily knows that she is only using these unfounded allegations, coupled with her negative social media campaign, against him to settle their matrimonial and personal dispute to have him incarcerated for a very long time and have sole custody of their children and his estate.

“During the cause of investigating these allegations by the Nigeria Police, as counsel, we took our time in evaluating the said allegations, the facts as provided by our client’s wife and juxtaposed same with the evidence (both material and clinical) and it is quite clear, that the evidence does not match the offences alleged.

“However, due to constant interference in Police investigation by various third-party organisations, whose understanding of law is ‘guilty by allegation’ and a well-coordinated and strong negative media campaign against our client and the Police (alleging that they may have been compromised), necessitated the Police bringing charges against our client.

“We, therefore, look up to the court to treat the case under reference on its merit as only the court has the powers to undertake a final decision on same guided by the evidence before it.”