June 10, 2024

Lawyers flay alleged extortion of suspects by some police personnel 

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kayode Egbetokun, on Tuesday pledged to tame the rising cases of kidnapping in Ogun state.

IGP Egbetokun

By Jimitota Onoyume

Lawyers in Delta state have accused some police personnel in the state of increasing acts of alleged extortion of suspects and motorists.

Chairman, Forum of Chairmen of Nigerian Bar Association, Delta state, Kingsley Asagba Esq made the allegation in his office at  Udu local government area, saying that the alleged shameful conduct of some of the policemen was only in the state.

“What is happening across the twenty-five local government Councils, especially in Delta Central and South senatorial districts does not happen in other parts of the federation.

“Situations where some policemen in the state brazenly collect as much as N200,000 and above for bail or as mobilization to effect an arrest is unthinkable. This behaviour kills the spirit of complainants to use legal means to settle issues. 

“This attitude of some of the policemen could encourage self-help which will not do anyone any good in the long run. You see policemen extorting money from motorists, Keke riders as well as Okada operators without recourse to police ethics. 

” Some policemen have made policing in Delta State degenerate to where they synergies with vigilantes to intimidate and extort the ordinary Nigerians in this critical time. 

 “Because of this issue of extortion, most police divisions and Area command offices have developed a tactic of not allowing phones into their offices for fear of being recorded. Why will  a lawyer  visit a police station to carry out his professional duties and he will be asked to submit his phone without any consideration that the lawyer could need his phone for his business, which can come at any time ?”

Asagba further enjoined the Police high command in the state to take urgent steps to redress the alleged shameful conduct of some of its personnel.

” Police Authority  urgently need to look into this issue which is fast becoming a norm in all the police divisions and Area command offices in the state and quickly intervene to stop these unlawful demands and extortions to protect the image of the police force from being dented or dragged to the mud by the police officers involved in this new trade or business.”