June 15, 2024

Jobs key to taming traffickers – Onwubuya

Fayemi seeks extension of FG's 774,000 special jobs

By Luminous Jannamike

ABUJA – Dr Onwubuya Breakforth, a former presidential candidate, has called on the government to address unemployment to combat human trafficking.

Speaking at the 4th Anniversary and Awards ceremony of Gospel Music Ally (GMALLY) in Abuja on Friday night, Onwubuya emphasized that unemployment is a key factor in human trafficking.

He said, “Unemployment leads to desperation, which fuels human trafficking. Young Nigerians are often lured abroad with promises of better opportunities, only to face exploitation.

“By creating more job opportunities and supporting local talents, we can reduce the risks they face.”

As Director General of the Global Initiative for Africa Development (GIAD), he urged other stakeholders to collaborate with organizations like GMALLY to promote the music industry and create sustainable employment opportunities.

Onwubuya stated, “Nigeria is endowed with immense talent, especially among our children. This platform is designed to galvanize these gifted individuals by providing them with the support needed to reach international stages and fulfil their God-given potential.

“We need substantial investments to boost the music industry. Supporting ventures that harness local talent can help mitigate unemployment and discourage youths from seeking opportunities abroad under risky conditions.”

GMALLY CEO Pastor Ruby Chinenye emphasized the need for proper direction and guidance for Nigerian youths, noting that their energy and passion need to be channeled positively.

She said, “Nigerians are among the most intelligent people on Earth. However, our youths need proper direction. With the right guidance, they can achieve great things.

“Many young people are trafficked for prostitution and other vices because they lack opportunities and direction. This talent hunt aims to show them that their talents can lead to a fulfilling and successful life.”

“We need global support to help these young talents. They are not just singers; we have seen incredible dancers, poets, and more. Redirecting their energy through such platforms can significantly impact their lives and society.”

The event featured a talent hunt competition that brought together 15 finalists from across the country, with prizes awarded to the winners.