June 4, 2024

Japa: Canada to offer foreign caregivers permanent residency

Japa: Canada to offer foreign caregivers permanent residency
By Efosa Taiwo

Canada has announced the introduction of new caregiver pilot programs, granting foreign caregivers permanent residency upon their arrival.

This initiative aims to ensure continuity in the essential support provided to Canadian families as the existing Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker Pilots near their conclusion.

The announcement was made by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister Marc Miller, highlighting the government’s commitment to addressing the critical home care needs of children, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities.

These new programs are said to underscore the invaluable role that foreign caregivers play in Canadian households and seek to streamline their employment and integration into Canadian society.

“Caregivers play a critical role in supporting Canadian families and our programs need to reflect their invaluable contributions,” Miller said in a statement, reports The Globe and Mail.

“As we work to implement a permanent caregivers program, these two new pilots will not only improve support for caregivers, but also provide families with the quality care they deserve.”

The IRCC says it will admit at least 15,000 caregivers as permanent residents in the coming two years as part of Canada’s total immigration targets.

This status not only allows them to work for organizations providing temporary or part-time care for semi-independent individuals or those recovering from illness or injury but also offers them flexibility in finding suitable employment with reputable employers.

It also ensures a straightforward path to permanent residency, enhancing their stability and integration.

“This pathway means that caregivers can more easily find proper work with reliable employers and have a clear, straightforward access to permanent-resident status as soon as they arrive in Canada,” said the IRCC.

To qualify for the new programs, applicants must meet specific criteria, including:

– Achieving at least level 4 in the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)
– Possessing a Canadian high school diploma or its equivalent
– Having relevant and recent work experience
– Securing a full-time job offer in home care

Miller confirmed that the pilot is expected to be launched by the end of fall 2024 or, at the latest, in early 2025.

Detailed information about the new pilot programs, including complete eligibility criteria and application processes, will be released before the official launch.

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