June 16, 2024

Japa: 7 cities in US that pay new residents who move in

Japa: 7 cities in US that pay new residents who move in

In this article, we explore 7 cities who pay people that move in

By Efosa Taiwo

In a notable shift, many residents in United States of America are moving away from larger cities and coastal states to smaller locations across the country. This is just as migrants are also trooping into these locations for the benefits they offer.

Between 2021 and 2022, California saw a net loss of nearly 350,000 residents, while rising living costs are driving some residents in New York out.

In response, several cities and towns are offering financial incentives to attract new residents.

In this article are 7 cities in the United States, as rolled out by Business Insider, who pay people that move in:

Cities that pay you when you move in there

Tulsa, Oklahoma: $10,000 to Relocate

Ryann Cooke, a social media professional in her late 20s, moved from Washington, D.C., to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June 2022. Tulsa’s “Tulsa Remote” program, which offers $10,000 to remote workers willing to relocate, drew her attention. Cooke highlighted the significant cost savings and improved quality of life in Tulsa compared to D.C.

Tulsa Remote is one of the most well-known programs aimed at boosting local populations and economies by attracting talent and spending.

Columbus, Georgia: $5,000 for Remote Workers

Columbus, Georgia, offers remote workers $5,000 to move to the city. The program, managed by the local chamber of commerce in partnership with Make My Move, targets remote workers earning at least $75,000 annually. Besides the cash incentive, new residents receive six months of coworking space membership and various community perks.

The program has been popular, with applications closing for 2024 and set to reopen in January 2025.

Lincoln County, Kansas: $4,500 and More

Lincoln County, Kansas, is offering $4,500, a $500 internet credit, a gym membership, and monthly baskets of farm-fresh eggs to new remote workers. Participants must earn at least $50,000 annually and commit to living in the county for at least a year. Additional incentives include free land for building a home and extra cash if a spouse finds local employment.

The initiative has been successful, with 23 other counties expressing interest in joining the program.

Mississippi County, Arkansas: Up to $50,000 for Homebuyers

Mississippi County, Arkansas, offers up to $50,000 for new and existing residents to build or renovate homes. Participants must work for local companies and commit to living in the county for at least four years. The program has attracted 80 new buyers since its launch in fall 2022, many being first-time homeowners.

Newton, Iowa: $10,000 for Home Purchases

Newton, Iowa, provides $10,000 to individuals purchasing homes worth at least $240,000. There are no residency duration requirements, and new homeowners receive a “Get to Know Newton” welcome package valued at $2,500. The initiative aims to attract new residents and boost the local housing market.

The Shoals, Alabama: $10,000 for Remote Workers

The Shoals area in northern Alabama offers remote workers $10,000 to relocate. The payments are staggered over a year, with $2,500 initially, another $2,500 after six months, and the remaining $5,000 after a year. Eligible applicants must earn at least $52,000 annually and be able to move within six months. Applications for this program will reopen in September 2024.

West Virginia: Ascend WV Program

West Virginia’s Ascend WV program, launched in April 2021, has attracted 295 new residents and 272 family members by June 2024. Participants receive $10,000 in monthly installments over the first year and a final $2,000 after the second year. Additional benefits include free coworking space access, outdoor gear rental, and recreational activities.

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