June 21, 2024

‘I want to start a women’s football team’ – Tems

‘I want to start a women’s football team’ – Tems

Grammy award-winning Nigerian singer, Tems, has revealed her ambition to establish a women’s football team.

The renowned artiste discussed her passion for sports and her vision for women’s football during a recent appearance on a podcast.

“I love sports. I love sports, but if I could play football, I would. I’m like a football fan,” Tems expressed enthusiastically.

“I want to start a female football team. I think it is something that is needed. Like, why can’t we just have something like a local tournament with the girls? I feel like it would be fun.”

Tems highlighted that her proposed women’s football team would participate in regional competitions.

Tems catapulted to stardom in 2020 with the hit song ‘Essence,’ a collaboration with fellow Nigerian artist Wizkid.

The track’s success was further amplified by a remix featuring international pop star Justin Bieber, earning her a Grammy nomination.

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